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To go our long-time experience in the tourism area and our will here new, more economical and environmentally more friendly ways, led in the year 2000 to the foundation of the business consultation


We are a planning office and consultation office specialized exclusively on the leisure time economy and tourism economy. New at our Concept is - next to the classic adviser activity - a short form limited on a slight period of the business consultation.

The further possibly necessary specialists as well as for example architects, landscape farmer or economist become for your tourism business and similar only in direct requirement of local or regional specialists occupied.

Through this firms strategy and the know-how of us, especially economical and future manner emerge touristconcepts.


Business consulting


Karl Schreiter


Josefstr. 8


D-48683 Ahaus/Germany


Tel.: +49(0)2561-1727


Fax: +49(0)2561-899734



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