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Planning and consultation office

Business consulting


The stressful professional everyday life permits it often not sufficiently over the characteristic operational boundaries there appearance. - or - who does not know it the concept
" companyblind "


  • shows new tourist target groups
  • optimized your personal use
  • educates plans your colleagues
  • new marketingconcepts for your unit
  • developed animation program
  • acquired cooperation program
  • forms your internet presence (Web-design)
  • tests your leisure time concern on customer kindness

  • Our learned and Innovative landscape farmers and architects reinvestments or concern expansions plan and construct.

    In addition we advise communities and community in all tourist questions.


    clears with the concept " service desolate Germany " in your business a for always up!


    Business consulting


    Karl Schreiter


    Josefstr. 8


    D-48683 Ahaus/Germany


    Tel.: +49(0)2561-1727


    Fax: +49(0)2561-899734



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